Accessibility Cloud

When we developed the Wheelmap, our overarching vision was to harmonize the existing data chaos for accessibility of places and that the availability of this data would no longer be the exception but the rule – especially in the big mainstream products used by many people. Information on accessibility should be as easy to find as opening hours or telephone numbers. With the, we have taken an important step in this direction: many other organizations like us – both inside and outside Germany – had developed similar ideas and databases with valuable information on accessibility, some of which goes far beyond the characteristic of accessibility for wheelchair users.

For example, Jaccede activists in France have provided detailed descriptions of countless hotels and the city of San Francisco has published the locations of its wheelchair-accessible parking spaces. With, we have developed a comprehensive tool that brings together all the different information and assessments on a single location in a large “cloud” of data. We link this with the wheelmap and display it as additional entries in the online map. Conversely, wheelmap locations can also appear in the other apps. This creates a great added value for different user groups – anywhere in the world.

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