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Real-time information on the operational status of elevators in train stations and public places. for your region

In Germany, 1.6 million people use wheelchairs and approximately three times as many get around on public transportation with a wheeled walker or a baby stroller. In addition, there are many people who travel with a bicycle or heavy luggage. They depend on functioning elevators in order to reach train, subway, tram or bus stops – but first and foremost are the wheelchair users, who cannot do without functioning elevators!

But, what happens when an elevator breaks down? Then you have to carry the stroller, the luggage or the bicycle up the stairs. That is annoying, but with the help of nice people it is doable. But a person with a wheelchair is in a tight sport then – because a broken elevator means that the planned connection won’t be reached and detours, delays and long waits are to be expected.

It is very important for people with mobility impairments to know in advance which elevators en route are out of service. The problem, however, is that information about public transportation elevators is often hard to find and travelers have to consult information from the websites of different transportation providers, especially in large cities. But travelers cannot be expected to know which elevator belongs to which transportation provider. Bringing these data sources together and showing them on one platform was our vision for a user-friendly solution for more planability – and was born!

For this we received the Germany Mobility Prize (Deutscher Mobilitätspreis) of the German Transportation Ministry in 2016. Since then we have been able to bring the Deutsche Bahn and a number of transportation providers on board as partners, bringing the total number of elevators connected to our database to 2,800.


After we had shown, with a prototype, that connecting elevator data is possible, we approached the public transportation companies in Berlin in 2013. In cooperation with the VBB, BVG and the S-Bahn,  we developed the elevator information service, that went online in 2014.

Now every disruptions of the 400 elevators in stations in Berlin are reported on

Are you interested in making the transportation system in your region more predictable for its users? We would be happy to help you plan and develop your own BrokenLifts project.

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