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When elevators at train and subway stations don’t work this presents a big problem for people who use wheelchairs or walking aids, as well as for parents with baby carriages and travelers with heavy luggage. For all of them it is vital to know in advance if the elevator that they are planning to use at the station is working. Of course, given the complexity of elevators, they are bound to malfunction occasionally. And vandalism also plays its part.

In order to make daily life easier for everyone who relies on elevators, we created our latest project, BrokenLifts.org, with the support of the public transportation providers of Berlin and Brandenburg (VBB) and in cooperation with the agency .HENKELHIEDL. An easy to use and attractive online tool keeps travelers informed as to which elevators are not functioning and which ones are back in service within the public transportation system of Berlin.

The latest information on the state of elevator repair is retrieved every 15 minutes from the data provided by the public transportation operators, is then analyzed and merged.

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