Die Andersmacher

Young people need role models who encourage them to realize their dreams. Especially children and young people with disabilities rarely know successful people with disabilities who can serve as role models for them. But they need people who show them what is possible with a disability – as a counterpart to an environment that all too often tells them what they cannot do.

The project uses short video portraits and a variety of accompanying material to introduce people with disabilities who have gone their own way and become successful and happy. Our current Andersmacher are a deaf martial artist, a blind criminal lawyer, an actress with Down syndrome, a carpenter apprentice in a wheelchair, an apprentice cook with learning difficulties and a wheelchair skater. They all decided on a path of life that was different from what society, and often their immediate environment, would have expected.

With this project, we want to reach young people without disabilities, so that prejudices are reduced or do not even arise. But also parents, teachers and employers should be encouraged to open up a variety of opportunities for young people.

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