The unemployment rate of people with disabilities is twice as high as that of people without disabilities. 300,000 people with disabilities work in sheltered workshops for pocket money. There are many reasons for this: fear of contact and prejudices on the part of employers are one side of the coin. But the lack of professional qualifications of people with disabilities also plays a decisive role. Many affected people are trained in special institutions where they do not obtain the necessary qualifications for the primary labor market. In addition, there are very pronounced institutional structures in Germany that favor the career path of people with disabilities more towards sheltered workshops and other special institutions than towards regular work.

The long-term campaign JOBinclusive involves actors from all relevant sectors: People with disabilities, employers, educational institutions, employment agencies, politicians and welfare organizations – to identify, develop and implement practical, scalable solutions. In addition to developing our own measures for the JOBinclusive campaign, we also see our role very much in our function as a bridge-builder between the various actors.

With workshop and consulting offers, guidelines with practical tips for different target groups, portraits of role models, stock photos of people with disabilities at work, highlighting of best practices, lists of experts and a broad public relations work, we want to reach the very different actors in this broad field.

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