Pfandtastisch helfen!

“What is missing in the world?” asked a sustainability magazine in 2006. The cousins Jan M√∂rsch and Raul Krauthausen immediately knew the answer: the possibility of donating the bottle deposit. For the competition they then designed the first prototype of a “charity box”. This was to give people the opportunity to donate their bottle deposit vouchers directly in the store. The small deposit amounts are not so important when shopping or you forget the receipt at the cash register and get annoyed. Or you can do something good with it and support local projects. With this idea Jan and Raul won the competition and the project “Pfandtastisch helfen! With the prize money the first boxes were built and partners like the Berliner Tafel as well as retailers were found.

Today, there are more than 500 “Pfandtastisch helfen!” boxes nationwide and on average 1,000 Euros per year are collected with one box. The little question “What’s missing in the world?” has become a successful project that helps many clubs and their activities, gives shopping outlets a good story for the public and combines taking away empties with a good deed.

Boxing partners include: pro familia, wellcome, regional boards, children’s hospices, family centers and many more.