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Polaroid von den Andersmacher*innen und das Logo

Die Andersmacher

“Die Andersmacher” is a video project which portrays people with disabilities who have an unusual biography. They are people who have had to battle prejudices to get where they are. Because they did things slightly differently in their lives...

Key visual for Leidmedien.de


In the course of our work on disabilty issues we observe that people with disabilities are often portrayed as stereotypes in the media. The media creates a reality through the stories it tells and the images it spreads. Journalists...

Key visual of Wheelmap.org


Wheelmap is an online, worldwide map for wheelchair accessible places. Anyone can find and add public places to the map and rate them according to a simple traffic light system. The map was created in 2010 to help people...

Logo Image of Brokenlifts.org


BrokenLifts.org shows malfunctions of elevators in public transport. We want to make it easier for people with reduced mobility to plan their journey.