It is easier than ever to travel. People with disabilities can also take advantage of a wide range of mobility offers, but there is often a lack of information in advance about which destinations are suitable for the respective disability. provides people with disabilities with information on barrier-free offers in cities, which are compiled and edited by experts in their own right. These include not only accommodation, but also a wide range of important details: from travel and mobility on site, sightseeing tips, barrier-free gastronomy and cultural offers to help in an emergency. The aim is to provide disabled travelers with reliable information about their desired vacation destination and its facilities. A further cornerstone is provided by suggestions for wheelchair-accessible day trips, which are developed by local people affected – so they can present their city and their favorite places themselves. now lists almost a dozen day tours in different German cities as well as a large number of information pages on accessibility in German cities. The vision: to become a central contact point for all travelers with disabilities – also internationally.

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