With the Elevate project we are developing the conditions for an information service that shows the current availability of elevators in local and long-distance passenger transportation. The aim is to enable transportation companies and other stakeholders to use this data to help passengers with restricted mobility and thus improve their planning options.

For example, anyone who knows that a particular elevator is needed on the way to work could “subscribe” to it. If it is out of order, the person could automatically be woken up earlier so that he or she can get to work on time despite detours. There are many examples of applications like this.

In order to make such an information service possible, already existing data from various public transport providers was integrated into our data back-end. In addition, further data owners – also internationally – are to be convinced to provide their data on the functionality of elevators. We are working on a uniform data format on the basis of which information is made available via an interface (API).

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