Making things happen.

For more than 10 years we have been calling attention to social problems and offering solutions for them in the form of projects carried out with passion and fun.

Heroes resist the temptation to justify their own inaction.

Our Focus: Disability Mainstreaming

We make individuals, institutions and businesses aware of the importance of considering people with disabilities as a target group for their products and services. Because in most cases people are not disabled by their wheelchair or visual impairment, but by barriers around them. Breaking down those barriers and creating accessibility is a human right, that not only benefits people with disabilities. With our expertise we help businesses to identify problems, gain new perspectives and develop solutions. With a little courage and entrepreneurial spirit, companies can create a great deal of value – for themselves and for a diverse society. That is disability mainstreaming.   

our projects


Advice on writing and talking about people with disabilities

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The world’s largest free online map for accessible places

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Providing real-time information on elevators nationwide

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Accessibility Cloud

Bringing together accessibility info from around the world

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Planning accessible events and festivals

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Ramps for bridging 1-2 steps and raising awareness

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Current elevator disruptions in Berlin at a glance

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A database of photos offering a new perspective

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Bringing people with disabilities into the regular job market

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TV für Alle

TV guide for accessible programs

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Pfandtastisch helfen

Donating bottle refund receipts for good causes

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Integrating refugees in shelters into their neighborhoods

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Die Andersmacher

People with disabilities as role models for young people

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Accessible tourism information

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Good projects not only need motivated individuals to carry them out, but also donors with vision to finance the project work.

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