We have created quite a few projects in the last 10 years and gained a great deal of experience in doing so. In addition to the work within the team we are interested in sharing our insights with others. We believe that everyone can be a Social Hero or Heroine. And therefore we would like to present the most important experiences and knowledge that we have gained from our work:

Work and Team

1. We hand over tasks and trust our colleagues.

Trusting instead of controlling each other motivates a team.

2. We are a team in which everyone does those things they do well and also like to do.

Don’t waste your time on things that others can do better.

3. We are a small team.

A team is not twice as efficient with twice as many people.

4. We welcome our weaknesses.

There is nothing wrong with asking for help. Problems are solved more quickly when we support each other and in doing so we strengthen our team.

5. We don’t get sidetracked.

We always ask ourselves these questions: “What is truly important for the project at this moment?” “What is nothing but a distraction?”

6. We say “yes, and” instead of “yes, but”.

A “but” can choke a budding idea, an “and” will give it room to grow.

7. We embrace setbacks.

There is nothing wrong with making mistakes.

8. We take care of ourselves.

Highly committed work should not burn out the team. We are mindful of fair working hours and we take breaks.

9. We listen to the internet.

The internet is our most important channel of communication. That is why we not only take time to send out information, but also to listen and to carry on discussions.

10. We take our users’ criticism seriously.

In order for a project to be truly useful to those for whom it is was developed, we incorporate our users’ feedback into the future planning of a project.

11. We react quickly.

An inquiry should be replied to within 48 hours, if at all possible.

12. We stay true to ourselves and stand by our peculiarities.

A successful team consists of very different personalities. And that is a very good thing.

13. We often don’t have a clue.

Luckily there are always people around who have more experience than we do. We welcome them and are grateful for their contribution.

14. We package big goals into small tasks.

It is easier to accomplish and assign tasks that are split into small packages. We ask ourselves: Who is going to do what by when?

Projects and Ideas

15. We develop ideas that can outlive us.

A good project is timeless and is dependent on neither a team nor its funding.

16. We develop ideas together.

Even if an idea is thought up by an individual, the idea becomes a successful project only in the “we” of our team.

17. We don’t cling to our ideas.

It is more important that an idea be known, than the name behind the idea.

18. We don’t like business plans.

We think in terms of 2 week plans and react flexibly to external and internal developments.

19. We implement projects that work long before a critical mass has been reached.

One satisfied user should already signify a success for a project.

20. We do not always strive for an app or an online solution.

Our project for collecting bottle refunds as donations taught us that sometimes an aluminum box is more useful than a smartphone app.

21. We cross the bridge when we come to it.

A new idea should not fail due to theoretical problems in the future.

22. We are in it for the long haul.

Projects are not a sprint, but a marathon.

23. We are curious.

We are open to new things, staying true to the motto: “That’s new to us; let’s try it!”

24. We love wild ideas.

It’s amazing what can happen when you spin out crazy ideas together, when you express wacky thoughts and draw them on paper.

25. We work with visuals and with stories.

Ideas are quicker to inspire and enthrall when you draw them or tell a story about them.

26. We constantly have new ideas.

There is not “that one idea”, but rather thousands of ideas that are flying about. You just have to catch them.

27. We communicate our ideas.

We invest time and money in communication. Because an idea can be ever so good and still fail because it is not understood by others.

28. We draw our creativity from necessity.

Not having something, be it knowledge, money or time, should not be a “project stopper”, but rather a starting point for a new path to be taken.

29. We are inclusive.

And we are aware that inclusion is not a goal in itself, but an ongoing process of affirming human diversity. For everyone.

30. We take humor very seriously.

Laughing together relieves stress and strengthens a team.

31. We break rules.

And the rules listed here should also be challenged.