Portable Ramps for your Region

Providing better access – with portable ramps that require no constructional changes.

Ramps for your region

Often it is only one step – a step that is an obstacle for many people – which makes a place inaccessible. With our portable Wheelramp, one or two steps can be bridged easily, solving this problem in a handy way. With a ramp, places become barrier free, without any constructional changes being necessary and thereby making a place instantly accessible to people using a wheelchair, a wheeled walker or a baby carriage.

The foldable aluminium ramp, with its handle for carrying, is suitable for temporary or permanent use. Depending on the model, heights of up to 30 cm can be bridged. The Wheelramp has a ribbed surface for a good grip, is tested and carries a CE certification.

Germany-wide more than 1,200 of our ramps are in use and many of those newly accessible places are now marked on the Wheelmap.

Models available:
– 121 cm (length), 73.5 cm (width), 3.5 cm (height), ~9 kg weight, ~270 kg carrying capacity
– 151 cm (length), 73.5 cm (width), 3.5 cm (height), ~9 kg weight, ~270 kg carrying capacity



The city of Koblenz bought 50 mobile ramps as part of a social project, and is offering them to residents, stores and restaurants free of charge. The  press release with more information can be found here.

More ramp events:

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